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 years ago, the World Bank president candidate of the game also reflects the US hegemonic approach that determined not to non-US citizens elected. Moment, IMF voting reformnot afford,"career management center official told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the city government to build a large-scale public welfare cemetery, on the one hand is to address the needs of low-income urban populations funeral, to solve thenike lebron 11 cheap  "can not afford burial" of the problem; the other On the one hand through increased market investment, operating cemetery suppress prices.Last November, the first major city of Chongqing public cemetery - Chongxing Sheng Memorial life a project has been completed, to provide the public with a 1400-bit tomb, which is also the country's first municipal public cemetery built cities and external services. According to the plan, in 2015 and 2017, Chongqing will be in the second ring around the main city easily accessible location, the new location for each year of the second and third the size of about 400 acres of city public cemetery.Throughout the country, the city has become a trend in the construction of public cemetery. March 25 release of "Funeral Green Paper: China Funeral

 career development report (2014 to 2015)," mentioned the construction of urban and rural public cemetery in many parts of the country as an important measure to protect the basic livelihood of the people into the local urban construction planning.Construction of urban and rural public cemetery pilot from Shaanxi, Liaoning provinces in the country has been gradually extended to nearly 1/3. Main cemetery nike kobe 8 uk  for the funeral business enterprises, this is obviously not good news.Refers to the total of four positions in the last two weeks of contract decreased significantly, from 251 828 hand March 23 fell to 224,380 hands on Thursday, more than 10% reduction. During this period, the futures market also transferred quickly pulled from the early to high and volatile, visible, whether it is long or short profit-taking forced to lighten up, part of the funds in the futures market has begun to evacuate high. From the early "rise Zengcang adjust lighten"

 the law, the subsequent re-admission funds will be an important factor in determining the direction of the finger next choice.Gold in the [microblogging] announced late multi unprecedented 20 seats in the main position changes, the number of seats in the recent holdings of more than a single main action are obvious. Overall, the total of the main seat headroom single week, three days before the average of 24,300 hands, compared with an average of 26,100 hand two weeks before a slight decline.CITIC Futures, Haitong Futures [microblogging] as the representative of the main single-seat headroom fell significantly. Wednesday, clearance CITIC futures held just days to reduce the 2048 to 1521 hand-hand, the single-seat headroom last drops below this value dates back to 19 months ago. Haitong Futures clearance fell Monday 2736 single hand, but also refresh the seat since last May 6  nike air max 2014 cheap low.It is worth noting that, in the main, secondary main contract generous lighten up, while in May, appeared in the September contract situation Masukura. The IF1505 IF1509 contracts and contracts were Masukura 2187 hands and 234 hands."Main contract continued to lighten up, and IF1505 contract Masukura obvious, which is funding the shift positions from the point of view of the price difference, in theory, more than 20 points to the existence of arbitrage opportunities, and with the April contract delivery approaches, the April contract prices and spot prices gradually returning, early to rise will lead to excessive arbitrage opportunities to profit taking or part of the funds began to shift positions far month, there is no money to leave the signs.

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 the word banter.Chongqing funeral career management center official told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the main city of Chongqing, the tomb has reached an average sales price of more than 30,000 yuan. When the Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Tao had told local media that the public funeral service capacity is insufficient, a heavier burden on low-income people the funeral, the objective is to   nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens service the funeral service because the market is now generally dominated by private enterprises.In this regard, the Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official told reporters that the next five years, Chongqing will build three city public cemetery in the main city, the total size of 1,200 acres, to provide the public with 300,000 graves, single graves highest price is not more than 1.5 million low-income people to meet the main city in 10 years the demand for burial.In fact, the urban and rural public cemetery pilot work has gradually expanded from Shaanxi, Liaoning provinces in the country nearly one-third

Chongqing municipal city's first public cemetery has been completed and the foreign service, one of the purposes of the construction that is to stabilize public cemetery market price. With the city limit public cemetery construction and operation of the cemetery, the cemetery business profits will be significantly inhibited.The larger the market share of private capital currently open earlierBack in the late 1990s, the funeral industry in Chongqing began the trend of the market in the country open early.In business for more than 15 yea nike air max thea womensrs of Dragon Inn Hill, for example, the national network of business credit information public information display, Chongqing Long ranking Hill Cemetery Co., September 20, 2000 registered company, to enter the market in Chongqing funeral. In 2003, Chongqing Dragon Inn Hill Funeral Home Ltd. Chong Xin also incorporated into the funeral home business.Chongqing funeral industry optimistic than local companies. Around 2010, the beginning of the lineup in Chongqing Fushouyuan funeral market.Now it seems that the investment and financing channels Chongqing cemetery market is relatively

mature. "At present, a large proportion of private capital." Chongqing funeral career management center official told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, currently the city's 67 operating cemetery, half of private capital.Funeral services market services Chongqing is now generally dominated by private enterprises, the basic implementation of the project by the selective funeral independent pricing and market regulation.According to data published by the media in Chongqing, Chongqing cemetery is still the price of 5,000 yuan in 1000 to an annual rate of rise.While private capital early admission, a relatively high degree of market, but the funeral industry and the plight of the country similar to the funeral industry in Chongqing is also facing "Contradiction of services is incompatible with the needs of society." Tao had told local media said the funeral service with funeral services there is    nike air max 2013 uk   a large gap between the needs of the public.Push public cemetery operating cemetery price suppressionAccording to reports, these three cities a total investment of 524 million yuan public cemetery, of which 474 million yuan from bank loans, 50 million yuan of public infrastructure funding by the Chongqing municipal finance one-time subsidy resolved. Cemetery implement government allocated land for construction and land acquisition and construction-related waiver fees, cemetery public infrastructure costs by financial subsidies.City Public Cemetery by government-led pricing, the price of the sales price of a single cemetery in 8800-15000 yuan, which is 50% cheaper than the average price of operating the cemetery.Chongqing funeral

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 has to the de designers are university professors, according to the design needs of the guests, of course, the cost is very high."Public financing commitments and more rapid expansion project acquisitionsIt is worth noting that the White Pagoda Park six months ago is still in the capital chain tension, nike air max 95 cheap  White longevity allows them to quickly revitalize the park, in 2014, the White Pagoda Park cemetery sales revenue reached 6.74 million yuan. Insiders believe that longevity Park specializes in the profit or loss of the funeral of poor business again after the acquisition to build a better profitability of the project.CICC research reported, longevity Park with its brand and management to other urban sprawl. It enters every city, longevity Park have become the largest local funeral services business.Indeed, and the White Tower Park, and many similar cases. 2008, Fushouyuan acquired a loss Henan Henan longevity Park Cemetery rectification and quickly turn around, has become the highest income Zhengzhou cemetery. 2013, Fushouyuan

further strengthened the position of the holding portion of the cemetery.Fushouyuan when public financing also pledged its business focus to the development of new cemetery, cemetery or funeral facilities through acquisitions and the establishment of a new funeral facility. Its major projects such as Nanchang Hongfu culture cemetery and cremation Factory Anhui environmental protection is still in progress. 2014, Fushouyuan mergers and acquisitions and conducted a number of cooperative projects, including the acquisition of Chongqing funeral Baita Park Development Co., Liao Ning Guanling Art Garden Hill Cemetery Co., Zaozhuang City, Xingtai s nike air max 90 cheap hanting Funeral Services Limited and Wuyuan County Longevity Hill Cemetery Ltd; entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the government Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Fushun city government, Jinzhou municipal government; and investment cooperation agreement signed with the Huaibei City cemetery.Follow-up market development policies or lower profitsFuture land costs increase and government policy changes, and perhaps will affect the development of longevity Park.2001 years ago, the cemetery land within the scope of the national allocation of land. In 2002, China promulgated modify "the extent permitted by

the allocation of land", the exclusion of cemetery land. In 2008, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other eight ministries issued a notice requiring operating cemetery land for land users must be determined by way of bidding auction.This means that the cost of land Fushouyuan may increase in the future. Listed in the prospectus Fushouyuan "risk that" in 2004, the Jinzhou get the cemetery, not necessarily as the allocation of land, there is likely to be moved out in accordance with the current market value or the purchase of land.Local governments to enact and amend funeral policies also affect the longevity Park. In 2012, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs announced, the main city of Chongqing in principle approved the construction of another new operating cemetery, and plans to build a large number of city public cemetery. Such initiatives for operating the cemetery prices also played inhibition.However, President Fushouyuan  in an interview, said the company would not worry about the government's price controls on the cemetery, because the company's business has diversified development, the Group acquired the project, not nike air max 1 cheaponly have the funeral home last year, as well as cremation part of the Group's entire industry chain has been strengthened and extended.Fushouyuan 2014 Annual Report shows that in 2014 the Group carried out a number of mergers and acquisitions and cooperation projects, access to more than 320 square meters of land, of which there is evidence of the land area of ​​about 780,000 square meters."" "Funeral expenses cited concern about the proposed Chongqing large tomb parity bits◎ After each intern reporter from the bottom of Wulin Jing Zhou Heng Chongqing, ChengduFuneral expenses rising to become the focus of people's attention, folk and even a "dead can

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